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Ep 126 Jin Shin Jyutsu Energy Therapy to Adapt to the New World with Claire Marie Kohout

October 26, 2023 Well Connected Twin Cities / Claire Marie Kohout Season 5 Episode 126
Ep 126 Jin Shin Jyutsu Energy Therapy to Adapt to the New World with Claire Marie Kohout
Well Connected Twin Cities Podcast
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Well Connected Twin Cities Podcast
Ep 126 Jin Shin Jyutsu Energy Therapy to Adapt to the New World with Claire Marie Kohout
Oct 26, 2023 Season 5 Episode 126
Well Connected Twin Cities / Claire Marie Kohout

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Conversation with Claire Marie Kohout on how she uses energy healing modalities, such as Jin Shin Jyutsu and Healing Touch, to support her clients in achieving life transformation.

Topics of Discussion:
-The essence of energy work and its focus on feelings
-Energy work modalities - Jin Shin Jyutsu, Healing Touch, and Etheric Template Clearing
-Cyclical living and rebirth in "The New World"

CMK Energy, owned and operated by Claire Marie, was established in 2007 and offers a variety of services and tools for spiritual and physical exploration and healing. Claire Marie is interested in helping you fully self-actualize for a life that is full of grace, magic, and experience.

She started her own business to support clients as they search for ways to heal and grow. Claire Marie has Certified with Healing Beyond Boarders and practices Healing Touch and Jin Shin Jyutsu among other modalities to help support each client individually and personally.

She also has many years’ experience in the metaphysical arts and meditation to help each client gain clarity of their own power and insight as they navigate life’s journey in all its depths, dimensions and paths.

You can read more about Claire Marie at her website: www.cmkenergy.com or reach out at clairemarie@cmkenergy.com.

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Conversation with Claire Marie Kohout on how she uses energy healing modalities, such as Jin Shin Jyutsu and Healing Touch, to support her clients in achieving life transformation.

Topics of Discussion:
-The essence of energy work and its focus on feelings
-Energy work modalities - Jin Shin Jyutsu, Healing Touch, and Etheric Template Clearing
-Cyclical living and rebirth in "The New World"

CMK Energy, owned and operated by Claire Marie, was established in 2007 and offers a variety of services and tools for spiritual and physical exploration and healing. Claire Marie is interested in helping you fully self-actualize for a life that is full of grace, magic, and experience.

She started her own business to support clients as they search for ways to heal and grow. Claire Marie has Certified with Healing Beyond Boarders and practices Healing Touch and Jin Shin Jyutsu among other modalities to help support each client individually and personally.

She also has many years’ experience in the metaphysical arts and meditation to help each client gain clarity of their own power and insight as they navigate life’s journey in all its depths, dimensions and paths.

You can read more about Claire Marie at her website: www.cmkenergy.com or reach out at clairemarie@cmkenergy.com.

Well Connected Twin Cities is connecting you with local health and wellness professionals in your community. Discover what's possible by surfing the directory, taking a class, or attending the next event.

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Ep 126 Jin Shin Jyutsu Energy Therapy to Adapt to the New World with Claire Marie Kohout

[00:00:00] Cynthia: You are listening to the Well Connected Twin Cities podcast. I'm your host, Cynthia Shockley, and I'm here to learn alongside you through meaningful conversations with health and wellness practitioners. This is your time to experience some mindset shifts, learn practical tips, and get excited about what is possible.

[00:00:22] We want you to own the power of choice in your personal well being journey. Let's discover what's possible right here in our Twin Cities community. 

[00:00:33] Hello and welcome to the Well Connected Twin Cities podcast. I'm your host Cynthia Shockley and today I'm speaking with Claire Marie Cahote. I'm so excited. In this conversation we dive into Not only Claire Marie's energy work that she does with clients, but why it's relevant on a larger scale.

[00:00:55] We talk about how she supports people in expanding their capacity to hold energy and why it's important in this day and age. What's going on? on a larger scale and why we need that capacity to hold more energy and not just hold it but process it and move it through our system. And we relate it to so many other things going on, whether it's emotionally holding and processing, physically holding and processing, it's just all the different layers of how we can support our capacity to heal better and I'm really excited.

[00:01:35] I do want to warn you though that in this conversation, especially closer to the end there is some more adult content. So I just want to give you a heads up in case you're listening with littles. But. But before that part it's definitely something that everyone could listen to and hopefully learn from.

[00:01:55] CMK Energy is owned and operated by Clare Marie and was established in 2007 and offers a variety of services and tools for spiritual and physical exploration and healing. Clare Marie is interested in helping you. fully self actualize for a life that is full of grace, magic, and experience. She started her own business to support clients as they search for ways to heal and grow.

[00:02:20] Claire Marie has certified with healing beyond borders and practices, healing touch and jinchin jitsu along with other modalities help support each client individually and personally. She also has many years of experience in the metaphysical arts and meditation to help each client gain clarity of their own power and insights as they navigate life's journey in all its depth, dimensions, and paths.

[00:02:47] You can read more about Claire Marie at her website, www.cmkenergy.com, or reach out at clairemarie@cmkenergy.com.

[00:02:57] Here we are with Claire Marie, how are you doing today? 

[00:03:02] Claire Marie: I am fantastic, Cynthia. Thank you so much for the opportunity to have a podcast on Well Connected Twin Cities. 

[00:03:10] Cynthia: Yeah, we're so excited to have you and, it's so great to have a network of local wellness professionals who then know other amazing local wellness practitioners and we can just all share in the goodness and share the good stuff that's out there and available for our community.

[00:03:28] So I'm so glad we were able to get 

[00:03:29] Claire Marie: connected. Me too. Me too. 

[00:03:32] Cynthia: So Claire Marie, we love to really focus on the person behind the title, the practice. And so just to start us off, I'm curious if you'd share a rose and a thorn, something going well in life, something maybe not so well.

[00:03:51] Claire Marie: Oh that's a really great question. I'll tell you what, Cynthia. I was thinking about that this weekend as I was driving in this beautiful autumn, wonderful time that we're having this crisp, glorious sunshine weather that I'm super excited about. And I was driving to an orchard with my wife and I was sitting there contemplating and knowing how incredibly blessed I am and was really thinking about the fact and being in gratitude.

[00:04:23] For the grace and power of living my best life right now. And I am fully aware of that and sitting in an incredible gratitude because my business is going well, my family's doing well. And a lot of that has been really contrasted to the fact that last week, two of my neighbors actually passed away in a terrible boating accident on the St.

[00:04:55] Croix River. And my heart is just breaking for the family that was left behind and this incredibly sweet man that has passed way too early. And It was in stark contrast to holding that pain, trying, trying to help my neighbor hold that pain so that it doesn't get too overwhelming. And then just really sitting in gratitude that we're all okay.

[00:05:25] And so things that aren't going well is that there's been a lot of death. There's been a lot of death in my circle which is fine. It always is. As we age, that happens. It is something that through our circle of life is absolutely necessary. But it is a thorn. It does hurt my heart.

[00:05:44] It is hard to grieve and continue but knowing that's really important. And especially in this autumn time where we are very aware of that cycle and very aware of that quietness and very aware of the settling, the decay, that kind of stuff that is very powerful to know that I've also had the harvest.

[00:06:11] And that I was my life and my family's life has been touched by these beautiful people that have passed and how grateful I am for that. And yeah, there was a lot of contrast this week and this weekend in understanding that I am. Very happy. And I am also sitting with the fact that it's just by luck, by chance and by flow that I am able to be in that space because it's, it can just go so fast and and how devastating it can be when it does.

[00:06:49] Yeah, 

[00:06:50] Cynthia: life is just so fragile and beautiful and it's everything, right? The pain and the beauty and the love and the the everything, right? It's 

[00:07:03] Claire Marie: Absolutely. We were having conversations about life being precious and beautiful and wonderful and hard and difficult and you have to maneuver and it's not easy, but it's worth it.

[00:07:21] Yes, there's incredible pain, but with that incredible pain comes incredible joy. And what does that look like as it's balanced? And how do we balance it? And how do we move through the grief that comes from loving someone so hard? And we get so scared of that and so caught up in how hard the pain is.

[00:07:48] That we actually sometimes don't let ourselves love to our full capacity. And in my practice, it's all about finding that space, finding that authentic place to be able to find that balance, to be able to sit in full articulation of the self and that love and fully participating in life itself and what that feels like and being held in with somebody else.

[00:08:17] As some of those hard times come and what does that look like as we actualize the present moment. And it was, it's been very apparent these past couple of days that it's hard and it's hard to come back to the gift of just loving somebody so hard that the pain is very difficult. But at the same time, the more there's pain, that means the more you love somebody.

[00:08:46] And how incredible is that? To have that opportunity. And that's where I tend to focus my life. In the opportunity of, I was able to know that person. And I am so grateful for the time that we were together. And a lot of people want to kick me in the face when they're in that grief space, but in my opinion, it's important to remember how much we love them so that we can get back to honoring that person once we move through the grief space.

[00:09:19] Instead of sitting in the grief space and moving through that in honor so that you can be like, remember my daddy was so great, right? 

[00:09:28] Cynthia: Yeah, just the other side, 

[00:09:31] Claire Marie: right? Like you get to be in the joy of that person's life 

[00:09:34] but it's hard. It's hard to do that. So it's nice to know that there's help out there when , those things happen. 

[00:09:41] Cynthia: And I'd imagine in your work, cause I know you work with energy and gosh, there's just so much energy to move in this vast wild life that we have. So I'm curious. For your just history and your timeline, what drew you into energy work and specifically jinshin jitsu, which is something I hadn't heard of before I met you.

[00:10:12] Claire Marie: Absolutely. That's a really great question and that's a, it's a long story, so I hope that we have enough time. At age 15, I, in my younger years, I was very active in our church, in our youth group, I sang in choir, it was a place after my parents got divorced that my father got a lot of help, we had very, most of my really good friends from my youth stem from that place, I'm still very good friends with them to this day.

[00:10:37] It was incredibly important for me. And then at 15, it all crumbled for a lot of different reasons. One of which was my depression came to a head and it was not handled. I don't think well, because it came up when I was at a kind of a youth group event my Faith in the church and religion crumbled, and so I felt very lost, and I knew there's something more thinking, maybe I'm agnostic, maybe I write all of those kinds of questions, and then I started looking for, what does that mean, I believe in the magic, I just don't necessarily believe in the organization, and that was for me It was very difficult.

[00:11:30] And as a part of the LGBT community, that isn't something that's unheard of. And that was part of that, right? There was a lot that was around that and then just got compounded with the fact that's also when a lot of my own identity started flourishing and I don't believe I'm a sin.

[00:11:48] There's a lot of things around that. So I went looking. I went, I did, looking for, through all kinds of religious paths all kinds of mysticism, what works, what doesn't and I knew that I felt and sensed more than what is in this world with the 3D, meaning my eyes, ears, right? There's more, and I wanted to know how to articulate that.

[00:12:18] And so I went searching. And through a lot of work back and forth, being lost and adjusting and paving my way through my mom actually came to me and said, Hey, I did this thing. She was a physical therapist assistant and for her continuing education classes, she took a healing touch course and said, Hey, I think you're really going to like this.

[00:12:42] And at the time I was doing tarot readings and learning how to visualize my path, learning how to read the signs, learning how to stay in flow. And then I went, Oh, this was the missing piece. This was very much the energy work was very much the missing piece that I was searching for, but wasn't in my wheelhouse to be able to find answers to.

[00:13:06] So through that education and that certification, I ended up getting history about all kinds of stuff that I had no clue. Because it wasn't in my sphere, right? If it's not in your sphere, how do you know how to look for it? I was looking at the Hindu religion, but not necessarily its connection with energy work, right?

[00:13:25] So anyway, I got into that and then I found Jin Chin Jitsu, and Jin Chin Jitsu is all about self love and self care and self awareness. Period. I do it for folks that I practice on, but it is about working for and with yourself and knowing yourself exactly. And as a matter of fact, it's the whole tagline is now know myself.

[00:13:51] It is. And it's all about. How we are an extension of that creative essence, and how do we tap into that for our highest good and our highest health. How do we let that run thoroughly through our body to be able to get through those pieces of downtime, illness. Sitting too much, right? There's so many things that it can work with that it has become some and it's about feeling it for yourself, right?

[00:14:26] So you do the work so that you can feel the effect that it has on you and don't take anybody else's word for it. Try it, right? Try it for yourself. And Mary Burmeister, who is the beautiful woman who brought Jin Chinjitsu from the U. S. from Japan, and started spreading it around and letting people know. And it's all about fun, right? Let go of all the dirt, dust, and greasy grime. Shift the attitude towards the positive.

[00:14:58] Let go of the attitudes that block us and keep us Grimy and heavy, and it's about, be the smile. It's our choice. And a lot of people are like, a lot of people don't understand or agree and that's fine, but I truly believe if we choose to find the good, our lives will definitely improve not to say that bad crap doesn't happen.

[00:15:29] But if we continue to look for the good, we continue to choose a road that is of something that feels good, of something that, that is a benefit, it starts to change our future. Thank you. Neurology, it starts to jump the track of some of these things that we are brainwashed into fearing and brainwashed into all these things that we can choose something different.

[00:15:59] We're not stuck in these patterns. And Jin Shin Jitsu helps me through study and through use and through the mudras and through the flows helps me remember that. And helps me drop my shoulders, relax my body, focus on health and healing, focus on fun, focus on the smile, focus on love focus on eternity, focus on all of those things.

[00:16:27] And I find it to be so empowering. That I want to teach other people to do it, and then use it in my practice. Even little kids that come in and see me, we talk about them. Holding our thumbs, right? Because even when we're little kids, what do we do to self soothe?

[00:16:46] We pop our thumbs in our mouth, right? It's a way of coping through anxiety. And stress. And so if we hold that thumb, and breathe and calm our whole system down. We have the ability of moving through that, especially in school, when there's a lot of pressure put on kids that when they hold that and they breathe and they let go of the expectation and just come back to what they can do, it allows them to help focus.

[00:17:18] We connect the circuit of energy so that they can actually focus on what is in front of them versus everything else that needs to be done and turned in and just to be so overwhelming that it paralyzes these poor kids. So it's simple things that we learned through Jin Chen Jitsu that can be incredibly powerful.

[00:17:40] Cynthia: Gosh, it just makes me think about the whole. Practice of energy healing and just recognizing that you are a conduit. And so where, how do you move this energy? Cause I know it's. It's not exactly that like toxic positivity of reject the negative feelings and just focus on the positive But let those feelings move through and out of you So that you could access those positive feelings.

[00:18:07] Absolutely 

[00:18:08] Claire Marie: we are As humans, part of our cycle, part of why we are here is to feel that as energy or anything on the other side, you don't have the ability to have these emotions. This is specifically to being alive, right? This is specifically to be in these suits of matter, right? This is a very specific, particular expression of life.

[00:18:35] And that is to feel fear and stress and anger and happiness and sadness and joy and to be able to feel all of those things. We want to feel all those things. Those things are a gift. But when we get mired in the heaviness, when we get mired in

[00:18:58] heat and fear and anger and resentment, it becomes so heavy. That we don't remember that it's a gift. We don't remember the glory that is being alive, and it can shift how you move through the world. And really, all I want to do is help you move through the world in much more grace, right? And make it easier, I'm using that in quotes for people who can't see that I'm quoting.

[00:19:29] Yes. It's easier to move through life. In a gentle, more loving way, and that is to sit in grief, to honor, right? And to understand that there is time to be stressed 100%. It's part of our biology. We are made for that, but we're not made to have that at an all time high every single day. And we forget that we have a choice.

[00:19:59] Because we are told, over and over again, that we don't. You have to do this to be in society. You have to do this. You have to do this. You have to do this. And you don't. We get to choose how we live our life. And that autonomy tends to be stripped for all kinds of reasons. And... And to really be able to move through some of the horrific things that life can give us, because we are animals and animals can be horrific.

[00:20:35] But to move through that and be able to still see. The glory of life and what love can do to me is why we're here to see the sunrise and the sunset and the beauty of the animals and the, the amazing connection between two people who are getting to know each other, right? That feeling of, oh my God, it was so great to meet you.

[00:21:02] And I know it's possible. I know and have worked with people who have been victims of torture and misplaced and displaced and kicked out of their homes. It's not easy, but to be able to then understand and identify these things and heal those traumas. Whereas it doesn't take them away from you.

[00:21:29] It just lets the energy out of the trauma so that you can move forward and live the rest of your life, not having that be a huge part of your identity. It's a thing that happened, but it isn't. What defines you. Yeah, it can be a part of something that is part of the story, but it doesn't have to define you and my job is to try to help you get all of that together.

[00:22:00] Cynthia: Yeah, it's almost like people can come to you with all these puzzle pieces that they've been working on, but maybe don't see the big picture and then you can come and lay it down, work on it together. Yeah. 

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[00:23:14] Cynthia: Who So you mentioned a couple of people who do show up and come to receive your services.

[00:23:23] What happens in a session with you that allows for that transformation, that allows for that healing process for someone who has experienced such immense trauma and pain and suffering and maybe feels stuck in that space? 

[00:23:41] Claire Marie: So there's a lot of different ways that I can come about. First of all, the client is in charge, right?

[00:23:50] I try to make it incredibly personal to who's coming to work with me because everybody's different. There is no one size fits all. Some people, when they come to me with these traumas they're like I got this. I feel stuck. I don't know. I'm in the crossroads. I don't know what my next move is.

[00:24:13] So they come potentially for a reading. And we talk about the energy around what those questions are and which path is best to take as far as the energy and the signs that come for. Being able to read what is the next piece. Or they can come from an energy therapy session, and that is an hour and a half where we have a 15 minute intake and a 15 minute consultation at the end.

[00:24:44] So we talk about what my client felt, what I experienced, what I saw during the session, what we did so that everything's transparent. You get all of the information and then an hour in between where we get you on the table. Sometimes it's just talking. Not very often, but sometimes people just need to be able to have a, that release valve.

[00:25:09] Pressed in and then things start to shift and all I do is just hold that release valve and create a container where that can happen. But most of the time I get them on the table and we talk about the fact that I use a couple of different energetic modalities, Jinjinjutsu being one. The two biggest ones that I use, Jinjinjutsu and Healing Touch.

[00:25:33] And Healing Touch uses the energy field and the chakra system. That if we align the chakra system, clear out those filters, puff out that energy field, clean it all up, the body does its own healing because it wants to be in alignment and in stasis and in good health. Awesome. So we clear that up and that then helps the body do what it's supposed to do.

[00:25:59] In Jin Chin Jitsu, it works like acupuncture and acupressure with the meridians through the body, so that you move the chi or the energy through the body, opening up those blockages, creating a bigger sense for the energy field to then be cleared and adjusted. So it's, to me, working inside. Out so we come at it from a couple of different perspectives of what we're working on.

[00:26:27] And then things can go deeper. When we get deep into the quantum level, for me, there's a lot that consciousness pulls as far as memory and that can consist of potentially past lives, memories that we carry with us through our lineage or through conscious information that.

[00:26:47] We individuate with that is a process that for us to work through. And sometimes there's a thing that I do called etheric template clearing that goes down to the original blueprint. of who Cynthia is, right? So there's the individuation, you come into practice, you, your chakra system comes in to turn down the the frequency of the energy so that you can be that high frequency in matter, because as we know, the higher the frequency, just like turning up the heat on the water, It gets much bigger.

[00:27:26] There's expansion there between the molecules. The same thing happens with the frequency of our bodies. So we want to be able to adjust and tamper so that we can have that high frequency pulsating through the body without exploding the body, right? 

[00:27:41] And with that, we go back to that initial blueprint before all of the. Trauma and everything that comes out, and we start peeling away some of that old stuff. We start peeling away adjusting and clearing some of those those blueprint lines that. Used to look like a really nice, beautiful, thin pencil line, but now looks like a cable from your electric, posts out there where they're thick and heavy and gross.

[00:28:14] And we want to clear that up so that you can go, okay, I am going to work from this point forward. Right now, I am going to be going from here forward with this blueprint as clear as possible so that I can be Cynthia in the present moment with all this energy running through my body in a place of compassion and a place of presence.

[00:28:40] And how am I going to manage and maneuver through this life in that. In that space without all the stuff behind it and knowing it from personal experience in my own personal testimony. It's a huge difference. When you release that stuff, it is hugely different to be present in a space where you are

[00:29:07] fully aware and engaged. It is a different experience than when we get stuck in the past. It's a different experience. It's a different kind of expression all the way around. Yeah. And it's incredibly powerful. And... And I say that from experience. I wrote it in one of the books. I was beautifully asked to be an author in an anthology by Amy Gillespie Doherty.

[00:29:40] And one of the things that I wrote about was how clearing that past, clearing all of that stuff can make such a huge difference in how we sit. In this moment, the pain in the body is different. You would just through it different. The pain of grief is different because it's not compounded by all kinds.

[00:30:05] It's easier to move through it. There's it's a huge. Difference. And it's one of those things that I wish for everybody and will help as many people as I possibly can make that happen. 

[00:30:18] Cynthia: Yeah. And what was that called again? 

[00:30:21] Claire Marie: The etheric template clearing. 

[00:30:23] Cynthia: Okay. Cause I'm like seeing all these analogies and so it seems like a etheric template clearing is like the energetic version.

[00:30:33] of therapy or hypnosis, like being able to dive into the undercurrents of what's going on and changing that story and removing it so you can see the present day and experience clearly and respond clearly from that authentic place. And then Jin Shinjitsu is like energetic chiropractic care, like lining up your energy so it can function and heal on its own the way it's meant to.

[00:30:58] So healing touch you are, you said is aligning the chakras, allowing the body to heal and function properly, which reminds me of an energetic chiropractic care. Whereas Jin Shinjitsu you already said is like acupuncture, a little more specific, a little more working with the meridians.

[00:31:16] So it's really cool to see how with these three modalities coming together. It's things that maybe listeners might be familiar with, acupuncture, therapy right before this episode, we have an episode on hypnosis and working with the subconscious. Fantastic. And so it's all of it working together, but on a new layer on a different body, not the physical body, not the mental body, but the energetic body.

[00:31:42] Claire Marie: And I'm, I consider myself integrative, right? So I, when I have people that come with me, that are talking to their therapist, that are working with their PT person, that are working with their provider, that are working with their hypnotherapist, I'm like, great. Let's, we're talking holism here, right?

[00:31:59] We're talking about working with all of it. And the more that we can all work together to make that, to that support system for that individual, the better that individual is going to be. Let your hypnotherapist, let your talk therapist, let your GP know we're doing all of these things. And so that we're coming at it from a full spectrum, right?

[00:32:23] Especially there's a lot of people in our field that don't like or want to deal with Western medicine, which I totally understand. I am very grateful for it because it is that last step. So I consider myself not an alternative, I consider myself integrative, because I do believe that there are times when medicine and surgery and those things are necessary.

[00:32:46] And at the same time, it just isn't the end all be all. It is how do we keep from getting to that point? And how do we keep the individual in alignment for their highest good? And sometimes it takes a village to make that happen. And each individual person is worth it, right? Self worth comes from, I am worth making this effort.

[00:33:16] I am worth slowing down. I am worth looking into this. I am worth. Finding what works for me. I am worth understanding or taking the time to know what's working for me and be able to advocate for myself. And that's huge and very empowering to not give over or give away that power and really truly hone it in for the self to be able to come from that point because the stronger we individually are, the more we can come together as a group.

[00:33:52] And that's, again, it takes a village. It's necessary to have that communication and those friendships and those, the way that we work together. It's, we are social creatures. So we need to have that. Expression and that experience and that it isn't. Yes, we can do it alone, but we don't have to, right? We don't have 

[00:34:15] Cynthia: to.

[00:34:16] Thank goodness. Exactly. And it's such a good reminder.

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[00:35:05] Cynthia: society, especially American society is very like individualistic and very do it on your own kind of energy and, speaking about society and just culture on a larger scale, I know you have talked about this concept of the new world and you talked about it in a recent blog post.

[00:35:30] Can you share a little bit about what you mean by the new world being here and now and how energy healing plays into supporting this 

[00:35:41] Claire Marie: new world? Absolutely. One of the greatest things that I'd like to talk about right now. And again some, I have friends that are like, Oh, Claire, I hope you're right.

[00:35:51] And I'm like, me too, right? I hope I'm right too. But everything in me is. Seeing what is to come and what I know that's shifting is the energetic frequency that is hitting our entire solar system. It's hitting everything. Everything's been turned up to a higher frequency. This is cyclical. It happens all the time.

[00:36:18] But there's higher frequencies that We are being asked to hold just in how everything is playing out in the cosmos and the energy that is. Everything. Okay. And that gets funneled down right to the individual through our planet through our planets adjustments and the frequencies that are hitting the planet and where we are with the sun and how we're moving through time and space.

[00:36:46] And as those energies are increasing, we are evolving to be able to handle them. And that means our energetic system. Is adjusting. So we've learned, and if there's a lot of people that go through learning through Cindy Dale and Alice Bailey and the old texts, we think of chakras and the energy system as a conical shapes coming in front and back and top and bottom.

[00:37:25] And I feel and sense and then have been talking to other energy practitioners, and I'm saying, Is anybody else noticing the difference of what's happening to our chakra systems? And they're all like, Yeah, it's weird, isn't it? So what's happening is that no longer are we conical in our and taking in an information 180.

[00:37:50] So the root system is about safety and home and pleasure and all of those things and you get it just right from the root. Instead of just having it come in from this space, it's coming in 360. So that's why all of a sudden people who don't feel safe. Feel extremely unsafe because now they're bringing in so much more energy and so much more information into that chakra system and that filter that they are going to have to deal with, which means it's not just, it's how we sense things differently.

[00:38:35] It's not just through, I feel unsafe because of. All of this trauma. It's because this energy is so intense that all of a sudden I feel unsafe because I feel like I can't calibrate that energy. I feel like I'm going to explode, right? I feel like my body is being ripped apart. Whereas if we understand that The more we allow this and this 360 energy to be with us and in us and softly and gently allow that higher frequency and all of that information to come in a way that is healthy and helpful, that we start to really sink into the fact that, the Sun isn't exploding.

[00:39:23] The grizzly bear that I feel like is attacking me isn't. Right? You can, you, you can more thoroughly Sense the sense of safety that we provide that for ourselves. And that's one way of acknowledging. That goes all the way up through the entire system and we bring in all that much more energy. And when we're trying to push away that intensity of that energy, it becomes debilitating instead of allowing that chakra system and those energy systems to be able to shift.

[00:40:01] into those higher frequencies, pop those chakras into that 360 so that you can bring in that information and sit with it in a space where it moves through you in a more open space, meaning we think of it like a river. When the river's flowing the way it's supposed to, everything flows well.

[00:40:30] It's, you got nice, seamless, smooth water. The more you start to dam things up, you get rapids. The water goes faster. Right? So all of these things start to, that compression becomes part of something that pushing that energy and that flow at a more rapid pace. If we allow.

[00:40:51] All of this energy and all of these, this adjustment to be and we allow ourselves to sink into it and clear it. We start to open that river setting where you can just you don't have the rapids. You don't have that. Fast moving water. You have this nice flow where you can pick through and go get the detritus on the side of the river and clean it up.

[00:41:20] And you can go take the trees out and you can pick up all this trash that's been floating down from other different places. And that just runs through you and with you. And then there's ease with that versus that intensity of where it's blocked. And our chakra system and how we're bringing that in when we start to really bear down almost into that fear space and not allow the openness and the information to come in because we're going to start being more sensitive.

[00:41:54] We're going to be able to know things that aren't just our eyes, right? Our brain is a processor. It adjusts with our body and it gives our body signals and all of that. So when we have the ability to see things and feel things that are way more Sensitive, way more

[00:42:18] descriptive, right? So it's the difference of seeing with your physical eyes and seeing with your third eye. There's feeling with your body. But also feeling in that space in between, right? Like feeling within each cell and how does, how moving through the world in that space, what does that feel like?

[00:42:44] And sometimes it's uncomfortable and prickly and sometimes it feels really good. And so when all of a sudden that happens. And we're not prepared for it. It can be incredibly jarring and our minds go, I can't really deal with this. And so to know that this is happening to have some idea that these are some ways that we can help our system.

[00:43:09] Integrate and work with and gently move through so it doesn't feel like you're being hit with a tidal wave. It's more of a nice gentle wave of energy and allow ourselves to understand that it's not weird things that we're seeing or sensing. We have an awareness that, yep, that information is coming in.

[00:43:33] Now, how do I deal with it? Being able to sense in a room Information that you never thought you'd understand before. People are waking up to understanding things are different than they had originally thought. We talk about it. There's wokeness happening. People are understanding things different than they used to.

[00:43:55] And that is part of that energetic shift. Things are becoming more open and clear. As we also physically evolve that allows us to be in a space that we have been hoping for part of the age of Aquarius, right? It is more gentle. It is about local as well as global. Like, how do we, it's not us versus them anymore.

[00:44:28] It's just us. It's just us, right? We, our Earth is way too small to start fighting over things that don't matter. We need to work together, not against each other. And understanding that as our biology and these human animals, that we have evolved enough to be able to make those decisions and go, yeah, I don't need that sort of base self.

[00:44:55] I can understand where that comes from. But also there's so much more to this base self, where I can say, yes, and. Not only. And so being able to, as comfortably as possible, adjust to these frequencies and what it is doing to our entire system, including our autonomic system, because when that pressure comes in, we immediately go to anxiety, we immediately go to fear, we immediately go to what is happening, right?

[00:45:31] Oh my God, what is, I feel like I'm gonna I'm crawling out of my skin. I don't know what I'm doing. And then we just calm everything down. We readjust that autonomic nervous system so that everything can start to work the way it's supposed to bringing in and connecting to those higher frequencies, clearing off those filters to allow them to plump up the way that they're saying they're needing to, so that we can bring in all that information and not be scared of it.

[00:46:00] Cynthia: Yeah. This actually reminds me of I've done some doula work and I being at a birth recently, there was this moment where. Mom realized that when she held against the contractions, when she resisted and clenched in, it hurt more, it took longer, and there was that anxiety, that pain. And then at some point, something clicked for her where she realized, I need to surrender.

[00:46:34] I need to let the contraction move through me. And when that happened, contractions lasted a shorter amount of time, they were more productive, baby arrived within minutes, and absolutely, and it was just, I think, just a beautiful example of allowing the natural expansion that our body is being called to that our energy is being called to in this new age, as you say, versus is.

[00:47:02] Fighting against that and resisting that and fearing that. And so I know working with an energy healer like you can be so supportive. But for those who maybe aren't there yet or just are starting to explore, what is a tool that listeners can try right now on their own to expand that energetic capacity?

[00:47:23] Claire Marie: First and foremost, something that I call three by three breathing. Take three deep breaths three times a day. It's going to readjust your autonomic nervous system because as we go through our day and we're so focused and we're doing all of our stuff and we're trying to make sure we're not forgetting everything, our breath comes really shallow or we don't breathe at all.

[00:47:47] And we're in that place where we're clenched. We're tight. And it becomes overwhelming. So relax the body, take three deep breaths and slow it down. It's gonna feel itchy and uncomfortable to slow everything down because you need to get everything done.

[00:48:05] But the more you slow that down, the more your entire system is going to allow you to do the next thing. And you're gonna be able to focus on it and make it more efficient when you do that. Three deep breaths. Three times a day. It'll change your life.

[00:48:22] I promise you. I also very much ascribe to Jin It is working with the hands and the fingers in different holds that help move the energy through the system that can be incredibly powerful. And I have that on my web page and on my Facebook page and past, there's times where I do it live. You can do them on your own.

[00:48:46] There's any way that you can just be in that creative space. I think is really powerful. And because you were talking about birth, I can't believe I'm actually saying this out loud, but very recently I was informed and shown in how incredibly synthesized that creative essence is.

[00:49:08] And how birth and death and that we have that cyclically even in our living lives and that when those contractions happen and we bear down or we tighten, it becomes very painful, including anxiety, right? Anxiety happens we start to pull in and contract and try to keep everything out and it becomes painful.

[00:49:34] Versus. Opening, allowing, understanding that can move through on a Different space. And I was very aware of how

[00:49:47] that contraction and the contraction in potential orgasm is the same. It's that creative flow that we need to allow that creative flow to move through us. And just as the mom goes through those contractions and the more she can relax into them and move through it and surrender to the process.

[00:50:09] The more that joy and that process is going to come about, and you're going to have that creative expression, i. e. the baby that you've been waiting for forever comes through. It's that in creative people as well, and that's why I think that we search, seek out that orgasm and that ecstatic space, and that we forget about that because we're so deeply marred In that contracted element that we don't get that breakthrough as often.

[00:50:42] So when we're starting to feel anxious, allow ourselves some space to understand the sun's not exploding. There is no grizzly bear attacking me. My people are safe. I need

[00:51:00] to sit, breathe through me. And it could be just being in awareness.

[00:51:05] And that is a very creative space. And the more we allow that, the better. And every time I get someone on my table and they're relaxed and we shift the energy, it's in that space of surrender. It's in that space of beauty and being held and allowing the energy to balance and adjust so that when they get off the table there's this whole new experience.

[00:51:32] Where they can go from anxiety at an 8 or a 9, at the 10 being the worst possible, to a 2. It's that, it's the surrender that's important. The way you put it was absolutely beautiful. And when you sit in that surrender, you allow that creative experience, meaning it allows you to be in that present moment way better.

[00:51:55] Not being scared of the anxiety. Owning it. Move through it. Understand, yep, this is uncomfortable, and I'm going to allow it to move through me like a sieve versus a pot. I'm going to allow it to, to facilitate, I'm going to understand is as that sieve, whatever catches is something that I need to work on something.

[00:52:22] I need to get out of the way. I need to adjust, but if there's nothing there and it's just this outside forces, let it move through you because you will get to that other side way quicker than if you bear down and contract and are holding this pot. Oh, 

[00:52:42] Cynthia: this is so juicy. I'm just, this makes so much sense, to see the physical embodiment of that in a birth and then recognizing the energetic emotional holding that we do as fearful people, right?

[00:52:58] But I love that invitation to Let it move through you, release that fear and know that it's up to you, right? Whether you hold it versus let it 

[00:53:10] Claire Marie: move through you. Absolutely. Absolutely. And there's times, there's times when that fear is real and you need to find safety. That's why it's important that we actually have that as humans, but it doesn't need to be all the time.

[00:53:26] And as you've noticed that, that creative space and that surrender mama was so much more able to be with it and part of the experience and part of the joy of that birth and rebirth happens. A lot more than we want it to. And part of what people hold on to is that death experience. They're scared.

[00:53:50] They contract because that rebirth is the unknown and they want to be the same. I get it. But we're not the same. Yeah. Age. We live. We process. We go through. And there's support for those who. Who can really work or need it because it is sometimes a very scary place to be, but you don't have to be alone in it.

[00:54:16] You don't. Beautiful. 

[00:54:19] Cynthia: Claire Marie, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, your practices people can do from home, but then also the work you do with your clients. And if anyone listening is interested, there will be links in the show notes. to connect with Clay Marie to book a service to try things out.

[00:54:41] It's just really cool to know that we can have all these different layers of support for what we need, what layer of us we need support in. So thank you so much for everything you 

[00:54:54] Claire Marie: do. Absolutely. A pleasure, Cynthia. And I love this work. It is such a gift to be able to participate and to be a help to people.

[00:55:04] And that's what I wish to do. So if there's any way that I can help any one of you in whatever way that you need to actualize yourself and to be present and loving, I will do everything in my power to help you get there. 

[00:55:20] Cynthia: I believe that. You have a wonderful rest of your day. Thank you so much, Claire.

[00:55:25] Claire Marie: Thank you, 

[00:55:25] Cynthia.

[00:55:26] Cynthia: Thank you so much for listening to the Well Connected Twin Cities podcast. Did you learn something new? Did you feel that spark of hope and excitement for what is possible? Because so much is possible. Tell us about it in a review on Apple podcast. Not only would we absolutely love hearing from you, but these reviews help our ratings and help other curious minds like you find this resource.

[00:55:52] We are always better together. Thank you again and see you next time.

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